Things you’ll see

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When you’re on a moto ride through the countryside, no telling what you’ll find.  I love coming up on old houses, I always wonder what stories the walls could share…



Texas… big sky

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One of the things that I love about taking a motorcycle ride through the countryside is that it gives you permission to stop and enjoy the sights.  If I was in my truck and merely going from point A to point B then I always seem to be in a hurry to get there.  Riding the moto, however, is different.  It’s quite OK, nay, even acceptable to stop, get off the bike and take in the sights.

Not moving anywhere anytime soon

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I’m a sucker for old cars left to fend for themselves…. it’s pretty much a guarantee that I’ll stop and snap a pic!


The wind… she was a blowin!

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I’ve been to White Sands National Monument a few times now… and this time was quite different with the severe windstorm blowing across the dunes.

A little of this… a little of that

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Caddo Lake ….

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Meanwhile… back at the ranch

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Time to play a little catch up, my friends!


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