Big sky at Big Bend

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With very few exceptions, the views are for miles and miles in big bend country.


Closer than it appears

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Checked in and ready to go!

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Yes…. It’s about a ten hour drive for me to big bend… but It’s still great to get out and start taking it all in!!

Loaded up and ready

•December 6, 2021 • 3 Comments

You know when the hat, tripod and camera backpack go in the truck there’s a road trip on the horizon….

Looking down part deuce

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Zooming in a little bit from yesterday’s post….

Looking down

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Fall color

•November 30, 2021 • 2 Comments

While not nearly as spectacular as other parts of the country, fall color back in the piney woods isn’t all that bad, either.

Hot damn!

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Picked up a new camera, and so far I’m very impressed! Quite a nice step up from my trusty x-t2!

And here’s a nickels worth of free advice – RTFM!! Yes, kids, that sparkly new camera with all the bells and whistles is quite the complex machine and reading the manual, in conjunction with getting out there and taking lots of pictures, will help you figure it out!

Wordless Wednesday

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Star light star bright

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I try to explain to people who’ve never been out of the city about just how dark it is out in big bend county…. But it’s something you need to see to believe.