Back in the woods….

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There are some folks who say you can’t take landscape images back in the woods.  I think they’re wrong.  😉



There’s always something nice to see wherever you are!

Oklahoma is OK!

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Been settling in to the new place and all I can say is there’s a whole lotta green around here!


Places to go back to

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Pretty much near the top of my list of cool places I’d like to get back to has to be the Bisti Badlands, in NW New Mexico.

You’ve got to want to get there to get there the trailhead I hiked in off of was well off the beaten path but the views were well worth the effort to get there.



You ever have one of those days??

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That pretty well sums up my fall!!

Let’s get back to some regular posting, shall we?


Retro car show

•September 11, 2017 • 1 Comment

Temps are starting to drop which means it’s car show time here in Texas.  I always enjoy getting to snap images of these vintage cars!

Old Ore Road

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If you really want to get off the beaten path… the Old Ore Road at Big Bend National Park is a good way to do it!



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Happy Independence Day!

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On two wheels

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I had the opportunity to volunteer as a course marshal a few weeks ago at a local bike race.  Of course… I brought my camera and snagged a few shots.