Website update, gallery show … and busy!!

•August 10, 2015 • 2 Comments

Been busy, folks – apologies for any updates over the last month!  Check out my website, I have updated it to include images on display for my latest gallery show; here’s a sampling –

LP2C3123 LP2C7387-2 LP2C7556

To see all 30 – go HERE.

Colonial Williamsburg

•July 12, 2015 • 1 Comment

Probably best known for its wonderful architecture and living history interpreters, there’s a lot of pretty things to see at Colonial Williamsburg as well!

DSCF7138 DSCF7157 DSCF7171 DSCF7089 DSCF7117 DSCF7126

Little Round Top, July 2, 1863

•July 2, 2015 • Leave a Comment

I’ve been to any number of historic sites and battlefields. Some, like the battlefield at Gettysburg are heavy with history and loss.
There’s something in the air there, you can actually *feel* the battle’s residue there; or at least, I did.

Little Round Top was the only place that I can think of that I’ve visited like this where all the visitors – young and old alike – were quite somber and reflective. Kids weren’t fighting with their brothers, babies weren’t screaming bloody murder and everyone talked in whispers.
If you stop and listened; and got quiet – you could hear things in the wind.
This place remains one of the most powerful spots I’ve ever visited in my various travels and it’s something every American needs to see.

IMG_7422 IMG_7428 IMG_7440-Edit


•June 9, 2015 • 2 Comments

One of my favorite places in New Mexico is Alamogordo… and one of my favorite places there is the Museum of Space History. It’s a cool spot!

IMG_2099 LP2C2785 LP2C2798 LP2C2805 LP2C2810 2 LP2C2822

It’s Floodin’ Down in Texas…..

•May 28, 2015 • 1 Comment

Stevie Ray said it best…. 

DSCF6875-Edit DSCF6303-Edit DSCF6304 DSCF6310 DSCF6335

Hopefully… it will stop raining sooner or later!!


•May 5, 2015 • 2 Comments

They don’t get their name for nothin!!!

We were there in March – I can’t even begin to think how miserably hot this place would be in the summer heat.  No shade. No water… pretty damn rough place!

DSCF5050 DSCF5077 LP2C6729

Bisti sundown

•April 29, 2015 • 9 Comments

Took a little bit of an effort to get out to it… but it was really worth it!

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