Nose art

Spent a rather frustrating day shooting today.  Caught wind of an airshow locally that was going to feature some WWII birds as well as a pair of A10 Warthogs from Barksdale in Louisiana.

Called the airshow folks Friday to touch base as we were supposed to get rain off and on all weekend and the nice lady on the phone said that they would fly between 11 and 4.

So I drag my happy butt out there about 11:15 or so and nothing was flying.  Asked at the gate if they had a program to let folks know when the planes would be flying and what was going up at what time.   “Nope”.

OK.  So I wander around the displays for a bit, asked around and the best info I could get was that the Warthogs were going to be flying out at 2.   Other than that, nada.

I head out to the tarmac to see what could be seen and sat around waiting.  And waiting.  Finally, there was a bit of action with an old MASH style helicopter buzzing around.  And then more waiting.  And waiting.

Eventually a handful of planes took off and circled the airfield, most notably a nice B26 and then the two A10s.   I snapped off over a 1000 images of the various aircraft in flight only to discover upon my arrival at home that the images I took were either too far away (shooting with my 70-200) or the ones that were close enough to maintain any detail had all sorts of horrid ugly crap in the background.


Went through all the images and pulled about 90 that might be worth cropping and working on to be presentable.  But all in all, it was not a good photography day.

I WAS able to get some neat nose art, which has always captivated me, from the time I was a little kid way back when.   And for today’s post, those will have to do.





~ by Derrick Birdsall on May 16, 2010.

5 Responses to “Nose art”

  1. Sorry you had such a hard day shooting. I know how you feel I have had many days like that. But, on the plus side these shots are really cool !!!

  2. Great stuff Derrick. I love the nose art, especially “Hard to Get.” I need to get out and look at some B-24’s and B-29’s those were the other two Dad flew in during WW II. I think I told you about the B-17 I looked at in Palm Springs. Very cool to go inside them, or even to see them from the ground nearby as you did here.

  3. Thank you both!

    David, I remember you mentioning about your dad and B17’s – a gunner, wasn’t he?

  4. Yeah, he never went into combat but he ended up becoming a gunnery trainer on the B-17s, B-24s and near the end of the war on B-29s. He trained the boys who ran raids on Germany and on the B-29s he worked with the guys who went to the Pacific Theater. A large number of them never came back.

  5. […] “Hard to Get” nose art on a B26. Image borrowed from mysightpictures. […]

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