Spanish skirts

Spanish skirts

Snapped this shot at Palo Duro Canyon.  I almost felt like I was cheating.  For the bulk of my photos, there’s usually a hike, ride, or something to get to where I want to photo.  This one I basically walked from the car to the viewing area by the main entrance, got settled in to shoot, and took the shot.

The hardest part about taking this shot was not getting buffeted around by the wind.  I didn’t bring the tripod, which would have helped, but used the same setup basically as I would if I were shooting a rifle – propped up my arms/elbows on the ledge and steadied the camera.

My overall experience in Palo Duro was rather anti-climactic.  There were way too many people there for my liking and I wasn’t able to camp in the park at all; too many folks taking up too much space!

I might consider going back and doing some mountain bike riding out there, but doubt I’ll go back looking for solitude and quiet – as there was none of that to be found!

~ by Derrick Birdsall on June 7, 2010.

11 Responses to “Spanish skirts”

  1. I would consider going back – how beautiful !!!! I love this shot – nicely captured !!

  2. Thank you!

  3. I love have we can find small sections of badlands out in the desert that aren’t well known. Derrick, I think we can hand hold most photos now in daylight with higher iso’s?

  4. I experimented a little bit with the higher iso, but the colors seemed to get washed out – light wasn’t the killer, it was the wind buffeting me around, especially with the big 2.8/f 70-200 I took this shot with. I supposed I could have (had I thought of it!!) bumped up the shutter speed to super fast….

  5. And hey Steve, how are you doing?!

  6. Of course conditions may change things, I was just asking since that lens has the IS on it. It does need more depth of field then a mid range tele.

  7. No worries – here’s the EXIF data from that shot: 188 mm focal length, 1/750 exposure, aperture 2.8, ISO 100. I was using shutter priority at 1/750, compensating for the wind, and I took this on my little Rebel XSi, as I had the wide lens on the 50D (didn’t want to go swapping lenses with all the wind/dust). I only say which camera as it’s ISO range is somewhat limited compared to my 50D and VERY limited when compared with your 5D MkII.

    Given that camera/lens combination, to give it more depth of field I would have needed to shoot in AP mode? Bump the aperture up to 16 maybe? Any thoughts/advice appreciated, still figuring a bunch of things out. 😉

  8. The wind up here is rediculous. I’ve cancelled many shoots and outings this spring for that reason. As for PD Canyon, do come back and try again. We have had such a foul winter this year, more people than usual are craving outdoor activities and crowding the parks.
    Your shot is beautiful!

  9. Thank you! I imagine I will try to get out there later in the year when it gets too cold for most folks. 😉

  10. Derrick, I was just curious, so many people use so many different settings. If I shoot a certain way I surely do not think that is the only way of shooting. It’s best to experiment as much as you can even it doesn’t work at least you’re learning why. If you are told to shoot a certain way you should figure out why in case it’s wrong and least you’ll know why. I never shoot in AP mode just manual and maybe auto on the fly but I do chimp the screen the if I shoot on auto. Auto on the 5D MII shoots in RAW so it’s a little more forgiving. All cameras will eventually have that feature, let’s hope on that if not already. Have fun out there in the desert Derrick!

  11. Thanks Steve – always appreciative of your thoughts.

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