It would appear that at some point during my absence I passed the 1oK mark!

Many thanks to all of my readers for getting me there!

To celebrate, here’s what we’re going to do.

First 3 readers who respond to this post get their pick of any* image on the blog, up to an 8×10 size.  The image will be professionally printed and mailed to you, so if you don’t want me to know your mailing address, don’t bother responding.  (I won’t be keeping your address any longer than necessary or giving it to anyone else either….)

*the only caveat is that if you pick an image that has crappy resolution (perhaps one of my older images) or otherwise unsuitable for printing, we’ll work something out and you can pick another.  I want you to get a great picture!

Now, who’s it gonna be?

~ by Derrick Birdsall on June 28, 2010.

13 Responses to “10K!”

  1. I’ll play, I think you have some pictures of my wife!


  2. Hmmm…Ray seems to think you have photos of me. He can take more. I’ll take a photo of something that ages more gracefully…like Mother Earth!


  3. sweet…congrats on the 10k mark


  4. Ray, to quote our VP – don’t be such a smart ass!!

    Jackie – pick one!

    Stu – pick one!


  5. Got to be the Mystical Bee – so much going on there, and quite ethereal.


  6. Nice choice, Jackie!

    2 more pics to give away….


  7. oh yes… what size do you want, Jackie?


  8. B – if it print well on 8×10, that would be lovely. You’ll have to sign it, too!


  9. Derrick,
    If there are any give aways left, I’d love a copy of “Officer’s Quarters.” Go back and read my comments from that shot and you’ll remember how much I liked it. Maybe it’ll inspire me to write a poem 😀

    Hoping to get back to more frequent posting and reading of WordPress soon.




  10. Stephen – good choice! The clouds in that shot are stunning and I love the golden light. Awesome pic, Derrick!


  11. Derrick. cool..thanks..
    I was looking through everything again. so hard to pick..but I keep getting drawn to half moon. just love that feeling of seeing that.
    must be signed.. thank again


  12. Congrats Derrick! I’m getting close to 20K myself. Never dreamed that would happen when I started all this!

    How sweet of you to offer prints to the first 3 commenters. I will have to think of something special when I hit my milestone.


  13. Thanks all – Stu and Stephen – if ya’ll can send me addresses that you’d like me to send your images to I’ll get that done. It will take a bit longer if you want them signed as the pics will come to me and then I’ll mail them to you after I’ve signed them.

    You can send me your mailing addresses to mysightpicture “at” gmail dot com …

    MP – can’t wait to see what you do when you hit 20K!!!


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