Grand old tree

A few weeks ago at work, we lost a massive post oak tree sheared off a huge limb, seriously damaging part of the roof of one of the houses at the park.  After a ton of debate and study with the “tree doctors”, it was decided that the rest of the ancient tree would have to come down for the safety of  the park’s buildings and our guests.  I have no idea how old the tree was, but it was well over 150 years old; as it was in place and already large when the 1856 house was built.  I’ve taken a ton of pictures of the tree over the years, but really tried to capture the essence of what was left of the big boy after we learned of his fate.

Old Oak

The image is straight out of the camera, b/w with a green tint.  I also realize that to those of you who weren’t there when I took the picture will think it’s upside down!  However, I took this shot laying on my back with my head up against the bottom of the tree looking straight up into the canopy.

As the arborists took the tree down, it was clear we had made the right decision.  Many of the very large limbs had substantial rot inside and were an accident waiting to happen.  It was sad to see the tree come down but nice to see we had made the right call.


~ by Derrick Birdsall on July 20, 2010.

4 Responses to “Grand old tree”

  1. This looks like the trees that are in my yard. I LOVE them and fight with hubby to keep as many as we can (he’d like more sun on the pool not realizing, ALL sun ALL the time isn’t a good thing!)

    I agree that sometimes it is necessary to take them down. Good thing you’ve immortalized this one first!


  2. The pic has come out very beautiful totally capturing the grandness of the tree.In fact such old trees actually become a landmark on their own.Good post…reminded me of my childhood memories 🙂


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