Fort Griffin, cont’d

Between 1867 and 1881, Ft. Griffin was on the Texas frontier, and taken from the Fort’s brochure: “It was never a glamorous post, located as it was on the edge of a wild and dangerous region. This post, as were most western garrisons, was not a stockade fortification; it was not built to withstand siege warfare.  Rather, it was a cantonment – a place where soldiers could retreat to mend wounds, mend gear, clean weapons and recuperate for another foray into the field.”

This rock chimney is all that remains of one of the several officer’s quarters.  Today, instead of providing warmth, it stands sentry over a windswept bluff.

on guard

The administration building was where the fort’s day to day business took place.  I imagine that once upon  a time it was rather a busy place!  Today, however, it is only home to grasshoppers, spiders and snakes.

Things are looking up...


I really liked the composition of the tall chimney and the clouds behind it.  After experimenting with various degrees of flash, I settled on this one…


~ by Derrick Birdsall on August 31, 2010.

6 Responses to “Fort Griffin, cont’d”

  1. I definitely like the composition for the last shot Monolith. Using the flash was a good idea too. Really makes it stand out.

  2. What Eric said. Cool photo.

  3. great compositions. thanks for sharing!

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