The Bakery at Ft. Griffin

According to the Fort’s brochure, 800 loaves of bread were cooked here each day.  I imagine this was probably the best smelling building in the entire complex!

mmmmmmm, can you smell what's cookin'?


I was particularly pleased with how this one came out.  There’s a pesky telephone pole in the reflection that I was able to hide by the manner in which I set up the composition here; no Photoshop required, just a tad more work on the front end.   😉   Also managed to just about completely line up the horizons visible here, and that was a total accident, but I like how it turned out.


~ by Derrick Birdsall on September 1, 2010.

4 Responses to “The Bakery at Ft. Griffin”

  1. That second image is really great, Derrick! I appreciate your taking the time to explain the difficulties in setting it up. Well done!

  2. Thanks Tracy! It was a fun shoot, I plan to get back out there again.

  3. I really like the bottom photograph here. I am a big fan of the illusive images that result from windows, their reflections and the various angles between them. This one has an added element of interest with that back door open. Very nice.

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