The Bridge

After visiting with one of the staff at Ft. Griffin, I found out about the old, original suspension bridge that crossed the Clear Fork of the Brazos River.  The current bridge on the Highway in front of Ft. Griffin is right next to another old suspension bridge that I’m guessing replaced this one.

To reach the old bridge, you have to drive through the flat, and then meander a short way on a dirt road through a field that ends up in a treeline.  The road is not severe enough to deter you if you are in a car, vs. the big truck I was in.   You will essentially dead end right onto the bridge.

Crossing the Clear Fork

As you can see, mother nature is hard at work reclaiming the bridge.

Better days

Keep on the sunny side


All said and done, walking across the bridge was almost spooky – in several places I could feel the timbers give beneath my feet; and I could almost feel the bridge sway in the wind.  And being able to see the water far below was somewhat discomforting.  It was a fantastic end to a nice little adventure!


~ by Derrick Birdsall on September 8, 2010.

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