Fort Concho

After the Duke and I left Ft. McKavett, we headed north and a little bit west to San Angelo and Ft. Concho.  The original game plan was to head to San Angelo State Park and camp out, but as the drive was farther than I thought, we arrived too late and the gates were closed.  Fortunately, I did a quick search on my Droid and found the closest Holiday Inn.

Up and at ’em early the next morning, we were given a wonderful guided tour by the site manager himself which was an exceptionally nice touch. In addition to wonderful original structures, the Fort’s interiors are among the finest of any historic museum that I have ever seen.

Ft. Concho, along with Ft. Richardson (which I have written about here) is unique in that most of the other Texas Forts I’ve been to so far are more or less in the middle of nowhere.  Concho, and Richardson to a lesser degree, are surrounded by their respective towns of San Angelo and Jacksboro.   It’s not too difficult to get a “frontier” type shot, absent of modern distractions at the other forts, but Concho’s location in town posed some issues; but only as far as those type of shots are concerned.

That being said, Ft. Concho is wonderfully restored and a true Texas treasure.  I will be returning there soon to get some more detailed shots and catch some cavalry action next week.

Enough of me blithering on – here’s the first couple of pics!

Wells Fargo

As part of the interpretation of the fort, Concho has several wagons on site.  One of them is a stunning reproduction of a Wells Fargo stagecoach.  Everything about it was just perfect!  The above detail came from one of the stage’s doors.

As I mentioned above, it was tough shooting exteriors at the fort with modern signs, cars, power lines, etc….. so I took a little bit of liberty with my puny (free) editing software and doctored this image up to make it look like it came from an old camera.  My goal was to attempt to replicate a mid to late 19th century image and it didn’t turn out too badly if I may say so myself!

Base hospital

~ by Derrick Birdsall on September 20, 2010.

8 Responses to “Fort Concho”

  1. you have a wonderful gift!

  2. I like both of these images. The latter is as Pictorialist as photographs come, if you have to label it, and I love it. Part of the fun of knowing a bit of Photoshop is doing something tasteful like this from time to time.

    • Thanks David, seemed like the thing to do with that image since it was very difficult to get the whole ‘frontier’ image in downtown San Angelo. 😉

  3. I was a life-long Texan until 6 years ago and I have never heard of Fort Concho. What a great series! I will have to read back in your blog a ways to find out who the Duke is. 🙂


  4. Ah, I meant to comment on your shots – I enjoyed them very much. You did a good job removing modern traces.


    • Hi Sharon – thanks much for stopping by! Glad I could expose you to a side of Texas that you’ve never seen. I enjoy your seascapes very much!

  5. […] off at the Ft. Davis National Historic Site.  Along with Ft. Concho, which I’ve documented here and here are two of the most intact frontier forts in the country.  What Ft. Davis has that Ft. […]

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