here kitty kitty

How ironic!  I spend 5 days in some of the most isolated, rugged terrain out there and see a grand total of:

1 raccoon (in Ft. Davis State Park)

4-5 deer (in Big Bend Ranch State Park)

1 coyote (in Big Bend National Park)

and that’s it.  Nothing out of the ordinary, no massive slew of critters, nada.  Even at the Big Bend Ranch, which usually produces a lot of wildlife viewing, I was pretty much shut out, except for a handful of deer around a watering hole.

So I come back to the Dallas metroplex, host an overnight “city”  camping experience at my park and what shows up in the morning as I’m heading out of the park?


kitty kitty




~ by Derrick Birdsall on November 7, 2010.

8 Responses to “here kitty kitty”

  1. Wow, top notch photograph. This one will make an excellent stock image. What an excellent crouching, slinking, crawling pose, and those eyes. On the ground, in the wild, that doesn’t happen very often. One cat you don’t really want to pet much.

    • Thanks David! My co-worker spotted him as we were heading out of the park and she kept the kitty distracted while I stalked around a tree and some rose bushes to get close enough for this shot.

  2. Gulp!! I wouldn’t want to have small animals in that neighborhood! When I lived in Texas, I remember big cat sightings in the north Ft. Worth area that had everyone spooked. Great catch, Derrick.


  3. Wow is right. That’s really cool. It’s funny how often it goes like that.

  4. Isn’t it always the way? Not sure I’d be camping out in a park where large cats lurk!

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