Lunch break

This trip to Big Bend Ranch State Park, I decided to stop and smell the roses (and eat lunch) at las cuevas amarillas.   In fact, the previous post’s images were taken while lunch was cooking and I was trying to be productive while my water boiled. 😉

Once I finished up with some absolutely fantastic lasagna, I continued to explore the area.




Unfortunately for me, I probably missed the bright yellow of the cottonwoods’ leaves by about a week.  There was some yellow starting to creep in, but still a lot of green.  Regardless, the way this opening in the cottonwoods framed the peak in the background still managed to catch my eye.

Looking back towards the tuff that makes up (what I’ll call) the backside of the yellow caves my eye also caught the bright yellows and blues in this image.


home sweet home


The American Indians that lived here had it all – water, shade, shelter and I’m sure plenty of food with all of the deer and other critters that still populate the area.  Not to mention a helluva view of the night sky.

Finally, I managed to pry my eyes from the big picture and look at the ground near my feet.




The layers and textures in this scene captured my attention and I took this image first – and then several more of the different leaves and gravel on the creek bed.   However, as often seems the case – my first image was/is the one I like the best.


~ by Derrick Birdsall on November 18, 2010.

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