Dugout Wells, revisited

The last time I visited Dugout Wells was in January, 2006.  At the time, I had a nifty little Kodak camera and shot a similar composition to the image in this post.

The difference between shots is night and day, however.  Perhaps there was a bit of haze in 2006, perhaps the camera gear is better, or maybe I just might be starting to figure some things out.  All that said, I’m very pleased with this image (actually the whole group I took) of Dugout Wells.

big wheel keeps on turning

I have a thing about old windmills out in the desert, there’s just something iconic about them!  To see this wonderful oasis in the middle of the otherwise inhospitable desert, it’s an easy jaunt off the main park road in Big Bend National Park – located a few miles south of Panther Junction.  At one time, this was the scene of a ranch community site and I’m sure it was nearly always bustling with folks.

Today, about the only sound you’ll hear will be that of the old Aeromotor squeaking rhythmically with the wind.


~ by Derrick Birdsall on November 23, 2010.

4 Responses to “Dugout Wells, revisited”

  1. I like this one. Windmills are very cool in my book even if they’ve been done a thousand times. What makes this photograph work so well is the composition with the beautiful background that is soft and subtle, yet stark and massive all at the same time. Same thing my sometimes X-girlfriend says she likes.

  2. That’s what you get for drinking Dr. Pepper…

    Love the shot — great arrangement with the contrasting elements.

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