Spanish skirts, Big Bend style

I think most of us who are in love with the majesty that is the Texas outdoors are familiar with the beautiful Spanish skirts at Palo Duro Canyon, pictured here.

Spanish skirts, Palo Duro Canyon

What most folks probably don’t know is that you can find similar formations at Big Bend National Park, off of the River Road.


Palo Duro obviously has a ton more red color, but what Big Bend lacks in the red, it makes up in spades with sheer size.  Both formations were  formed as the result of water rushing down over millions of years – and both will take your breath away.

near mirror

When confronted with millions of years of geologic history, laid bare thanks to the ravages of time, it makes you (or at least, it makes me) appreciate your humanity and the time that you have here on this little blue speck called Earth.

Spanish skirts, Big Bend style


~ by Derrick Birdsall on December 8, 2010.

4 Responses to “Spanish skirts, Big Bend style”

  1. The second photo has a high point of view. Where was it taken from? Love the Spanish skirts!

  2. That particular spot is just a few miles south of Glen Spring, west of the River Road. I’ll see if I have the GPS location saved for you….

  3. Wonderful shots, Derrick. I’m enjoying this series.


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