Color palette

One of the many things I learned in last year’s photography exploits was to be patient.  I captured this wonderful image quite a few minutes after the sun went down.  In fact, I had turned 180 degrees to capture images of the wonderful full moon rising up through the trees.

I turned to look at the water one last time before calling it a day and I’m glad I did.  Had I been in a hurry to pack it up and head out I would have missed these fantastic colors!


all the colors in one spot




~ by Derrick Birdsall on January 19, 2011.

19 Responses to “Color palette”

  1. I like this one ! Very nice.

  2. Excellent shot, Derrick. I have trouble being patient. I get too excited sometimes.

    The color is wonderful in these.


    • It’s these kind of moments that keep me hanging out much longer than I should most nights… but then again, it pays off from time to time and it makes it all worthwhile. Thank you Sharon.

  3. Gorgeous colors here. However, for me, I wish that dark trunk/shadow wasn’t in this shot as I really love the sky and its reflection in the water. BUT, even with that said, it is still a great image. 🙂

  4. I love the shot but it needs to be BIGGER. Don’t tease us with a thumbnail Derrick, give us a 1440 x 900 at 72 dpi to bask in. 🙂

  5. Great shot Derrick. It’s a wonderfull landscape.

  6. Sunrise and sunset are the best time for shooting landscapes 🙂

    • Hi Andrey – thanks much for stopping by! The golden hour isn’t called the golden hour for nothing! But if you only shoot during those times, you’re missing out on 22 hours of great potential as well. 😉

  7. Really great shot Derrick. Your blog has convinced me that I am going to have to start venturing to other parts of Texas. Keep up the good work sir.

  8. Hey Derrick, cracker of a silhouette.
    Surely Im your most distant blog follower 🙂

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