I captured this wonderful fellow a few years back with my old Kodak point and shoot.  I had pulled up and parked at work one morning and noticed out of the corner of my eye a rather large mass where there isn’t usually anything at all.  I glanced over, giving the spot my full attention and much to my surprise this rather large fellow was sitting there 10-15 feet from where I parked.

Surely he’ll move once I open the door.


He didn’t fly off until I got out of the car, and then he only flew to the other side of the parking lot.   Breaking rule #1 of taking good pictures (always have your camera with you), I had to run to my office and grab the little Kodak.

Sure enough, when I got back, this fellow was hanging out under a pecan tree, digging for grubs, believe it or not.

I sat across the parking lot from him and snapped away for some time until he either got bored or full on the grubs and buzzed off.


~ by Derrick Birdsall on January 25, 2011.

7 Responses to “Raptor”

  1. Wow – what an experience! I am guessing it must be a juvenile to not immediately fly away. Amazing birds!

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by TPWD State Parks, Derrick Birdsall. Derrick Birdsall said: Raptor, a very photogenic fellow, he let me take pics for quite some time: http://t.co/c7wpATl […]

  3. We had a similar experience with a juvenile hawk. He came to within about 10-15 feet of Dirck who was sitting on the ground. I was back further holding my breath. It felt like such a privilege to be so close to one of these beautiful birds.

    Really nice shot of a beautiful bird, Derrick.


    • Thanks Sharon – I just love hawks, do a search on my blog and I’ve captured some great images of them in the past. They are really magnificent creatures!

  4. Okay, that’s just a badass photo, Derrick! I love it!

    • Thanks Brian! If you’d like, go to the category tab and hit on “birds” and you’ll pull up quite a few more cool images of hawks. Thanks for stoppin’ by! 😉

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