Boquillas Dunes

I left the Santa Elena canyon on the west side of Big Bend National Park and headed north on the Maverick Road.  The last time I had done that, a few years back, I didn’t remember it being nearly as washboard rough as it was this trip!  Stopped by the popular Luna’s Jacal and snapped some pics with the G12 and moved on – perhaps I’ll dig those out and share them in the future.

My destination was on the far side of the park, at Boquillas canyon.  Just like you’ll find at Santa Elena, there’s a nice (short) hike that will take you up and over the parking lot and then down onto the river bank of the Rio Grande.   I kept a watchful eye out for any quicksand this time – didn’t want to tempt fate twice in the same day. 😉

One of the cool features of Boquillas canyon that you’ll see are sand dunes.  Taking a hint from the Bill Neill class I took online earlier this year, I really worked the scene over, and didn’t just focus on one aspect of the scene.

Here’s 3 shots I liked from the dunes at Boquillas – which is your favorite?


rocky shadows

shadows of the mind



The shadows in these images totally captured my imagination – the ripples in the sand and their contrast with the shadows of the grass and rocks all working together to make a wonderful dichotomy of light and dark…

~ by Derrick Birdsall on February 18, 2011.

6 Responses to “Boquillas Dunes”

  1. These are all exquisite, Derrick. I think the second is my favorite. I like the diagonal lines of the grass and the bit of mystery as to what I can’t see.



    • Hey Sharon – have I thanked you today for being one of the “regulars” here in my little corner of the web??

      I couldn’t help but think of one of your latest image sets – your work at the sand dunes after I posted these!


  2. Your photos make me homesick for Texas. I never made it to Big Bend, but it is on my must see list.


    • Hi Anita – glad you are enjoying the images! Before any trip to Big Bend, make sure you check out all of my various and sundry posts on Big Bend Country – I think it would be of some help to you in planning your trip. 😉


  3. I like the way you do something with dunes that is different and satisfyingly creative.


    • High praise indeed, David – thank you. Can you elaborate on what you see as different?? There wasn’t any conscious effort on my part to do anything different, just the way the light and darks were playing across the sand.


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