Light painting at Mariscal

The last time I visited the mine, I left with a concept of how to do some light painting on the small structures that sit at the base of the mine.

Did a lot of cogitating, a trial run at Caprock Canyon, and figured it out.

the heavens erupt

For the details of how I got this shot to work:

– Canon 7D with Tokina 11-16mm, 2.8/f

– 1250 ISO

– 2.8/f

– 11mm

– 20 second exposure

– Auto wb

To get this shot, I brought along a little oil lantern that cost about 5 bucks.  I wanted a yellow glow inside the structure rather than the white light that comes off of most modern gas lanterns/lamps.  I experimented with the lantern in a few spots inside the structure that I could reach through the door and windows so I didn’t have to go inside as there was a lot of detritus.

I engaged the flash, hit the trigger to autofocus the lens and then took my finger off the trigger, set the lens to manual focus, and turned the flash off.  It was too dark otherwise to get the camera to either manually focus or autofocus.

Hit the self timer (10 seconds), lit up  a cigar and enjoyed the show.


~ by Derrick Birdsall on February 28, 2011.

34 Responses to “Light painting at Mariscal”

  1. Amazing picture, Derrick! The sky is great! How did you reduce the noise?

  2. Stunning, Derrick! What light source did you use inside the structure?

  3. Reading your process is interesting. This little episode sounds like fun and the resulting photograph is quite nice.

  4. Really great shot Derrick. That was a cool idea with the lantern, and your efforts really paid off. That’s one for the book, eh?

  5. WOW!! Stunning shot, Derrick. I’m so impressed.


  6. Very nice piece of work Derrick. The technical aspects are interesting enough in themselves — the arrangement is about perfect in my opinion too.

  7. I love that you can see the Milky Way!

  8. […] to the settings I had used to get the shot at Big Bend NP earlier this year, which you can see here.   At that time, I was shooting at 20 seconds,  2.8/f and 1250 ISO out of my Canon […]

  9. NICE!
    This is very, very cool! It would have never occurred to me to light the building like that – awesome idea!

  10. So much happening in the dark, fantastic!

  11. greetings by

  12. Are you kidding me? That is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  13. […] […]

  14. Wow…this must be a shot by a pro…beautiful!

  15. Very awesome post

  16. Lovely shot. Well thought through

  17. I really love this photo and the essence captured.

  18. This is absolutly incredible!
    And I am sure it was not an easy one… How many time did you keep the lense opened?

  19. This is simply stunning! : )

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