After Bruce and I packed up and headed in to camp there was definite change afoot in the desert along the River Road.

The clear skies and comfortable temperatures that graced us during the shoot began to darken and it wasn’t 15 minutes after we got settled in to Talley #1 – a fantastic campsite in the desert – that serious winds began to blow and buffet our camp around.  The wind was bad enough that we had to pull our trucks into a sort of remuda to try and get out of the wind long enough to eat without getting dust and dirt in our food.

The howling wind didn’t last all night, however – it blew for several hours and then an eerie calm fell over camp.

The next morning, dawn broke clear and cool.  But that wouldn’t last for long.

Real cold was on the way.

like a wave on the beach

To me, the storm front looked remarkably like a wave crashing on shore; and the temps would soon plummet.


~ by Derrick Birdsall on March 1, 2011.

6 Responses to “Transitions”

  1. At least it wasn’t quicksand…;-)

    Love the photo.

    • Don’t think I wasn’t on the lookout for rouge quicksand!! I’m glad you like the image, PJ -I think this one is one of my “history” shots – the snow/ice/cold event that hit Texas had a major effect on the state, the Super Bowl, pretty much life in general for more than a week – and I got it on film!

  2. So cool how the clouds look like they are blowing off the mountain. Nice tones here, too. 🙂

    • Thanks Tracy! I took several shots of this scene, both in color and in b/w – which I do in camera rather than tweak at home – and liked this one the best!!

  3. Okay, this picture is fabulous!!! I am so wowed. It may be a history shot but it is also a piece of art, imo.


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