Johnson Ranch

Located right on the Rio Grande and along the River Road, the Johnson Ranch is one of the loneliest places in Big Bend.  The words “middle of nowhere” come to mind.   A hard drive along the River Road, whether you’re coming from the east side or the west side, it’s about as desolate a place as you can find.

Based on the size of the ruins there today, once upon a time the ranch was a thriving operation.

But today, it’s just lonely.


miles and miles



~ by Derrick Birdsall on March 3, 2011.

8 Responses to “Johnson Ranch”

  1. Lonely, desolate, but wildly beautiful i’ll bet.
    Fantastic shot

  2. That is lonely, but I like how you placed the lines in this shot.


  3. I like it. Great effect, sir.

  4. Read Kenneth Ragsdale’s ” Wings Over The Mexican Border” to see just how hospitable Johnson’s Ranch once was, when Elmo and Ada Johnson entertained so many young U S Army Air Corps flyers on their patio before those flyers went on to help write the history of WWII. The rim of ruins you have beautifully captured are the remains of the outside adobe walls of that patio.

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