More Big Bend Ranch mule deer

Since it seemed that everyone enjoyed the last image so much, here’s a few more selections from that encounter with a nice buck and his harem.


double vision

chowin' down

dainty girl




~ by Derrick Birdsall on March 7, 2011.

7 Responses to “More Big Bend Ranch mule deer”

  1. “Double Vision” is really cool…like the male deer is giving you the evil eye for checkin’ out his girl… 😉

    The deer in “Dainty Girl” is blurry, otherwise that one would have been nice, too.


    • that bottom one does look a little soft… I need to look at it full rez and see if I can figure it out…. thanks Tracy! And I’m pretty sure that the double vision deer are both does!


      • Tracy, I looked back at that image and the EXIF tells me it was shot at 1/20 – handheld and from the inside of a truck that was moving about a bit…. That probably explains the softness/blurry that’s going on and a lesson to me on editing when my eyes are tired!!


      • Been there, done that. Do you shoot in Aperture Priority mode? I do most times and yes, there are those instances when I’m caught up in the shoot and completely forget to pay attention to my shutter speed!

        Ah, right. No horns! Okay, well, then, the DOE in the background is giving you the evil eye for checkin’ out her sister instead of HER! 🙂


      • LOL – doe, a deer… a female deer… sorry now that song’s stuck in YOUR head hehehee. 😉

        What I usually do in these types of situations – driving down deserted roads in the desert – is have my old 50D in my lap with a 70-200 on it hoping for just such a meeting. In this case, I leave it on P mode, with the AF point set dead center and set for rapid shooting. In the images above, the light was fading very, very fast as we were moving down the road, and I still had a polarizer on the lens…. Next time I think I’m just going to take the polarizer off after the sun sets but there’s still light.


  2. Deer me, I like the top one with two heads.


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