Snow in the Big Bend

After a day of gorgeous bright blue skies, the heavens opened up on our merry little band of adventurers and it started to snow in the desert.  Our last day in Big Bend country was destined to be an epic one.  We had already survived blowing winds and extremely cool temperatures (down to -2 over night!) and now we had snow.

The folks at Big Bend Ranch were more than happy to set up a 4×4 tour of the park as it got them out of the office as well!  And we were much obliged to sit back and enjoy the time we got to spend with the park’s superintendent as he guided us down the 4 wheel drive road known as the Guale (Wally) Road.  The park’s 4×4 Suburban handled the trail with ease and we were fortunate enough to catch a snowy glimpse of a part of the world that doesn’t usually get much snow.

wally road

snow cone


~ by Derrick Birdsall on March 11, 2011.

12 Responses to “Snow in the Big Bend”

  1. That’s awesome – I can’t imagine it snowing there! How lucky you were there for that. I hope you kept warm!

  2. Amazing pictures! I really love snow!

  3. Snow on a cactus…not something you see every day. 🙂 You’re a trooper, Derrick!

    • NO, indeed!! We were fortunate – everyone brought plenty of warm clothes, and the smart phones with the Weather Channel saved our bacon. 😉

  4. Very beautiful work, Derrick. -2 is too cold for me!!


    • It was too cold for us, too!! We were all set to handle the cold – in our tents and sleeping bags – but other than staying warm in the tents we wouldn’t be doing much… we all took the safe route and decided to stay indoors at the state park’s bunkhouse! While the heaters in the bunkhouse could only keep the temps in the low 50s, that beat the hell out of being outdoors overnight. 😉

  5. I always complain about snow, so I can about imagine how that poor cactus feels!
    Amazing shots, Derrick – I’m really looking forward to checking out your blog! 🙂

    • Thanks much! The snow didn’t last long at all, by the next morning on the way out of the ranch it was all gone – and thanks for stopping by, come back anytime!

  6. I love the white road into the distance with the lumpy formations surrounding. And, nature’s beautiful forms of the cactus in snow. Both are a fortunate and rare treat for you to have found at the right place and time.

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