Ok… if you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you’ll recall that you can probably count the number of posts with a human in it on one hand, with fingers left over.

You’ll also recall that there are not any images of me – hell, that’s why I take pictures – so that I don’t have to be in any of them!!

And finally, the overwhelming vast majority of my images have little or no editing done to them.

Since photography is supposed to be all about working outside of your comfort zone; and breaking all 3 of those “rules” for my little slice of the blogosphere, I present you with this image.


frontier life


I lived in this little log cabin for a week – representing life in Texas during the 1870s.   Everyone tends to think that by after the Civil War, Dallas was a “big” town – not necessarily true, as the western frontier in Texas was only a few days ride to the west!   The stuff I’m wearing is appropriate for the 1870s time period, and presents a “nice” contrast to the otherwise pretty rough log cabin walls in the background; while I’m mimicking many a “cowboy” pose that I’ve run across working on research for one project or another.

Took the image using a tripod, 10 second timer, no flash and lots of trial and error. 😉

~ by Derrick Birdsall on April 7, 2011.

31 Responses to “Self…”

  1. Hey! Look at you! VERY intimidatng! I wouldn’t want to mistakenly enter your cabin unannounced! 🙂

    Bravo on working outside your comfort zone. I, too, have posted very few self’s. I like to remain anonymous! 🙂


  2. Very, very cool, Mr. B!
    You’ve captured a ‘vintage feel’ perfectly… great tonality, and I love the vignetting/’lens blur’ here – awesome work, sir (ESPECIALLY for a self-portrait – which is WAY more difficult than it looks)! 🙂


  3. Wow! A very nice self-portrait, looks like a still from one of my favourite films – ‘There Will Be Blood’.


  4. This is such a great picture. I especially love how it blurs around the edges.


  5. Nice to see you! This is a great self-portrait. I love the way you captured that old-time feeling.

    I stay behind the camera for the same reason. I’ve posted the occasional self-portrait, but it’s not something I generally like to do. But as you said, you gotta break the rules every now and then.


  6. cool 🙂


  7. Nice to see you, Derrick! You lived in a log cabin for a week? That must have been fun but hard. I would miss my shower, I think. 🙂



    • Sure did Sharon! After all my trips to the desert, the shower thing wasn’t that big a deal…
      But to be honest that first shower was sure nice!


  8. That’s a really cool shot Derrick. It reminds of some of the pictures in my Time Life Old West books.


  9. Great photograph. I love the wavering and blurred edges of the actual image area. Sort of like it was burned or otherwise destroyed around the edges.


  10. I feel like am lookin at a poster of cowboy movie


  11. Worth the effort though….


  12. greetings by


  13. Texas outlaw for sure!


  14. Just found your blog, courtesy of the photo challenge! Enjoyed the post and immediately thought of Sam Elliott when I saw your portrait!!


  15. Gorgeous, just gorgeous! A picture from the past, telling so many stories to my mind… 🙂 Thank you for the share!
    Greetings from Switzerland,


  16. Very cool self-portrait entry for this challenge.


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