Caprock Canyon video

After a comical (now) series of mistakes that turned an otherwise wonderful location into a rather frustrating afternoon and evening, I decided to experiment some more with the video capability of my 7D.  Hand held, with my 17-40 L lens.


~ by Derrick Birdsall on April 20, 2011.

13 Responses to “Caprock Canyon video”

  1. Not a bad place to take some video!

  2. Pretty cool. Looks like you might have a whole new world of possibilities on your hands.

  3. Iv never been there but want to soon! Love the video. I just got a new t2i and love the video quality!

    • Thanks, Stephen! Caprock is wonderful. IF you ever decide to head that way, let me know and I can help you plan out your trip if you want.

      The T2i is a great camera, enjoy it!

  4. Hi Derrick! I’m back, amazing place!

  5. The caprocks is one of my favorite Texas locations. You need what is called a “dead kitten” microphone. We need one too. It is a big fluff of fur-looking stuff that supposedly blocks the noise. I hope to get one this summer for videos.


  6. Such a foreign-looking landscape to me…all that red rock and clay! A far cry from what things look like in Northeast MA! 🙂

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