Red sky at morning

Texas is literally on fire….

There is quite a bit of smoke and haze in the air, which I believe contributed to this crimson sunrise last weekend.

En fuego


~ by Derrick Birdsall on April 25, 2011.

16 Responses to “Red sky at morning”

  1. Hi Derek, sorry its been a while since I dropped in. Love the colour in this image and the silhouette of the foliage. Reminds me of a Trinidad sunset that a mate of mine captured
    Cheers Adrian

  2. Amazing colors. The sun almost looks like it was drawn in there.

    • Thanks Dave! That one is pretty much straight out of the camera and it took several tries with setting the exposure to get it right in camera.

  3. Spectacular!
    I could even drag myself out of bed for a view like that!

    • Trust me, it’s not often that I’m up on a weekend that early! If it wasn’t for the shootin’ match I would happily have been in bed!

  4. Wow…looks almost extra-terrestrial…like a sunset on Mars…

  5. Gorgeous!

    Ohio looked a little like this morning, with a few more clouds in the picture. Very red.

  6. The ash does make for a beautiful shot, Derrick but those wildfires are a shame. It can’t make the air quality any better!


    • The good thing about the fires are that they are nature’s way of clearing things out, so once we start getting some rain, the area will actually be in pretty good shape.

  7. Derrick,
    Simply Beautiful! I love the colors and especially like the trees and fence in the foreground. They help to make the photo.


  8. An wonderfull red sky. We say in portuguese: Em chamas!

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