Ft. Griffin sunset

I was lucky enough a few weeks ago to take a workshop with the official Texas photographer, Wyman Meinzer.  The focus of the workshop was on light painting, and the subject was historic Ft. Griffin.

While other folks were setting up or waiting for it to get dark, I thought it was time to get busy!

Texas sky


~ by Derrick Birdsall on May 5, 2011.

12 Responses to “Ft. Griffin sunset”

  1. I’ve only been to Dallas. You do give me a whole other perspective of the Texas landscape. Beautiful! 😉

  2. Texas… It’s like a whole other country! That old ad campaign was right on! If all you’ve seen is dallas, you are really missing out! Thanks!

  3. Beautifully captured, Derrick.

  4. Awesome silhouette, Mr. B!
    Sounds like a fun class, too!

  5. Amazing picture Derrick! I love the sunset!

  6. this is a beautiful shot of what Texas has to offer. I’ve been living near Houston for almost 5 years and there’s a lot of scenic places all over Texas that never fails to amaze me. great pics.

  7. That structure makes a great silhouette, Derrick. Well done!


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