Pick your poison!

Moving on, Wyman Meinzer had us move over to another of the structures at Ft. Griffin.  By now we were starting to figure out the routine, and Wyman was ever the gracious host/teacher – making sure that we were getting the light we needed on the structure.


or 2....

I more or less experimented with the first shot – Wyman had painted the entire building, but I wanted to see how it would look if I closed the shutter before he had a chance to do the front.  I rather like the effect, kinda looks like a Halloween jack-o-lantern to me!  The 2nd shot was the last one we did for the night – Wyman had figured out after several attempts how he wanted the building lit up and I think it turned out rather nicely as well.

Let me know your thoughts as to which of these images you like!

Technical details:

Both were shot at 4/f, and ISO 400 – on the bulb setting (my first time to use that!).  The first image came in at 76 seconds and the second at 87 seconds.  I learned that if I’m going to do this kind of shooting again, I’m going to need an automatic shutter release, as having to hold my finger on the button for that long was rather challenging to do without shaking or moving.


~ by Derrick Birdsall on May 12, 2011.

15 Responses to “Pick your poison!”

  1. I thinkk #1 is awesome! Nicely seen on your part! I really like how the one side and the interior is illuminated…YES, exactly like a Jack-O-Lantern! (You MUST incorporate that somehow in the image title, IMHO).

    To me,, the second is overlit… there isn’t enough shadow contrast to give any sort of focus. The building looks like a large burning ember.

    • Thanks Tracy – one question for you – is your screen calibrated?? Mine is not – and I know the screen at the home PC tends to be a bit dark…. so on that one, the 2nd image looks a lot less than a burning ember! However, if your screen is calibrated properly, I very well could have messed up somewhere and need to fix!!!! Either way – I VERY MUCH appreciate your honest opinions!!!

      • Yes, both my screens are color-calibrated (I have a Wacom Cintiq as my main working monitor as well as a Dell Flat Monitor). My Wacom tends to be darker than the Dell, which is why I use it as my working monitor).

        Now that I look at each image on the different monitors, both have their strengths and I can now see the appeal of the second one. I just went with my gut and the first image immediately popped out to me.

        Now that I have a second look, I do like the composition of the second image and it looks better on my Wacom than on my Dell.

        Don’t worry too much about what others are seeing. Most folks don’t have calibrated monitors so it is a crap shoot if they are seeing your images as you’ve intended. As long as YOU are happy, that is all that is important!

        The real trick comes when PRINTING images… 😉

      • which calibration method did you go with??? Do you think it’s worth the cost to calibrate?!

      • I use Greytag MacBeth Eye-One Display 2 Colorimeter. For me, NOT color calibrating wasn’t an option since I HAVE to know that what I am seeing on my monitor is what will print on my printer. Up until April 1st, that was my business (I had to close my studio but that is another story…).

  2. Honestly, I like ’em both, Derrick! They both have their strong points!
    I know what you mean about the shutter release, too. If I don’t use one and have my camera practically bolted to the floor, my shots are gonna’ be blurry… doesn’t matter if it’s bright daylight outside. I guess I’m just twitchy like that. 🙂

    • Thanks Inky! I had a very hard time in not pushing the camera around with the ole trigger finger with almost a 90 second exposure!

  3. Both photographs are very good, but I like the first one more. It is more haunting.

  4. Amazing pictures, Derrick. The first one is really wonderfull. Some day I’ll try something like this. I will wait for my vacations, now I can see only city lights.

  5. I like the first also although my real preference is for the first one you posted several threads ago. I like the lighting on that building and prefer its silhouette to this one.


  6. I like both, but if I had to choose, there is something about the first one that really draws me in.

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