Corner shot

The Civil War came to the town of Beverly, West Virginia after the battle of Rich Mountain.  Prior to the battle, the town served as a sort of depot for Confederate troops, but after the Union pushed through Rich Mountain, the citizens all but deserted town.   The Federal troops moved into town, set up shop and held Beverly for the rest of the war.


If these walls could talk!


~ by Derrick Birdsall on June 30, 2011.

10 Responses to “Corner shot”

  1. Great angle and colors. Love the bit of history, too. 😉


  2. Cool shot Derrick.


    • Hey PJ – thanks, man! What other spot on the web can you go from B/W images of a Civil War battlefield to a lovely old brick building??


  3. So much texture and color in those bricks. Cool angle!

    (I live in a city called Beverly, BUT in Massachusetts. Another place filled with historical bricks all its own. 😉 )


  4. Love the perspective in this one, Mr. B. –
    and all the history, of course…


    • There is no reason in the world that history can’t be fun!! Too many high school football coaches have ruined history classes for a lot of folks.


  5. Wow, Derrick, this is such a great series! I like this corner shot very much. What a great eye you have!



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