Ahhhh, the stories

Again, in somewhat of a retro mood – hope ya’ll are enjoying it as much as I am!!

This is the same house that was featured in my Grasslands post from last week; but photographed on a different visit out to the LBJ National Grasslands hunting down some iconic north Texas landscape images.  Once again, I took the shot with my G12 and then applied almost literally a one-touch fix to get the retro colors to pop.


The first time I stopped, I didn’t notice this well built tornado shelter.   Once upon a time, this place was a pretty nice homestead.  If a picture is supposed to tell a story, to me, this one asks a ton of questions.  Who lived here?  Why did they leave? Did they ever use the shelter?  What all happened here?  Keeps me guessing and daydreaming, anyway; the possibilities are endless!


~ by Derrick Birdsall on July 19, 2011.

4 Responses to “Ahhhh, the stories”

  1. I’m sure enjoying it…

    True enough — these old places can suggest an endless number of stories. A ton of questions indeed.

  2. I love a photo that tells a story… or better yet allows you to create many different ones! Very cool, Mr. B. – and you know I’m digging that retro feel!

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