Blending in….

I went out to get some shots at Ft. Richardson over the weekend, and as I was getting my gear out of the truck, I noticed a little group of 4-5 deer not too far away from me.   After swapping lenses to the workhorse 70-200, I started to patiently work my way closer for a decent shot.   I caught sight of this little velvety 6 point moving through the brush and waited for him to step out of the shadows.  Using an old tried and true trick, I whistled and he stopped to look at me; framing himself perfectly in the light.


It was nice to see that this group of deer appeared to be fairly healthy compared to much of the other wildlife in the state that is suffering through this horrible drought.


~ by Derrick Birdsall on August 3, 2011.

21 Responses to “Blending in….”

  1. Great shot! Glad they’re surviving the drought…


  2. WOWZA! Love it! Truly magical shot, Derrick!


  3. Looks like he’s almost a part of the over-all shape created by that vegetation… very cool!


  4. Fabulous shot, Derrick. I especially admire how your framed him in the foliage and cactus. The drought in Texas is alarming along with the intense heat you have been having. It has been dry here but very cool.



  5. This guy would have been easy to miss. Great job of “catching” him.

    I lived through one of these Texas droughts when I was a kid. Back then, of course, I didn’t fully appreciate the devastation that was begin visited on humans and animals. My heart goes out to all.


    • Thanks Anita! If I hadn’t have been stalking the little band of deer I would likely have not seen this little buck tucked in behind the cactus.


  6. Beautiful shot!


  7. […] […]


  8. so cute


  9. I like this a lot. The colours and the light are gorgeous, and the deer just off centre, great composition.


  10. The lighting is beautiful. : )


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