Big Bend light

It’s been a while since I posted anything from Big Bend….

light explosion

Sunset in Big Bend country is often times magnificent, and unlike anywhere else I’ve ever been in my life.  It seems that the sun, in a last attempt to provide light and warmth to the world gives one final shot of glorious light before fading out for the night.  I know that was the case on this night.


~ by Derrick Birdsall on August 24, 2011.

26 Responses to “Big Bend light”

  1. It looks heavenly.

  2. Wow, that is a truyl amazing photo. I don’t know how you waited so log to post it. Great job Derrick!

  3. My illiterate comment comes to you courtesy of my iPhone and less than nimble thumbs.

  4. That’s gotta be a favorite of yours for sure cracker image

  5. One of my favorites so far…looking forward to meeting you.sheila

  6. GORGEOUS! Nice light and great composition!

  7. What an ineradicable scene, Mr, B!

  8. Wow! Stunning capture, Derrick.

  9. Pretty impressive. Good stuff Derrick. It’s a big step beyond the typical sunset.

  10. This is a major WOW shot. Beautiful light and I like the silhouette.


    • Thank you! I shot this one in both b/w and color and can’t make up my mind which one I like best…. this one is leading though. 😉

  11. An exquisite photograph, Derrick!!

  12. Unbelievable! Fantastic! Glorious!

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