Chadbourne Officer’s Quarters

A week or so ago, a buddy and I hopped on our motorcycles and took a tour of the Texas frontier forts, working on getting some more images for the book project.  Day 1, while an absolute pleasant change of pace, weather wise, was just about a total bust for photography with a low blanket of clouds.

Day 2 was somewhat more productive, photo wise.  The light was just about right when we arrived at Ft. Chadbourne and I had about 45 minutes of good light before the clouds rolled back in.


Unlike some folks who shoot everything in color and then convert over to b/w in post, if I see something that calls out “Black and White!”, I’ll just push a button and shoot in b/w.  Something about the white window frames and the white clouds pushed a button in the recesses of my brain somewhere.


~ by Derrick Birdsall on September 27, 2011.

12 Responses to “Chadbourne Officer’s Quarters”

  1. Nice capture Derrick! Good choice on the B&W, I like the mood of this one.

  2. The clouds sooooo make this shot! Did you use a wide angle? I sense some distortion at the edges which actually add a sense of movement to this. Nice!

  3. I’m with M.P. on this, Mr. B – you can almost feel those clouds rolling along…
    there’s something almost haunting about this… the different middle window treatment really catches my eye, too, for some reason… I’m not really sure why that is…
    Very nicely done, sir!

  4. The white of the clouds and the windows make this one really amazing Derrick!!

  5. So is someone living here, Derrick? Those clouds are perfect for this shot and I like your sepia tones.


    • The fort is on private property…. open to the public. The family that owns the fort lives on the property, but not in the fort buildings. Thanks!! How are you and Dirck doing??

  6. I love this picture!
    The sky is really expressive 🙂

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