Hagerman Wildlife Preserve

Last week I went on a little bit of a motorcycle ride up north towards the Red River.  Errands kept me from doing a really long day on the bike, but I still wanted to get out and enjoy a ride anyway.   Checking the map, I looked again at the Hagerman Wildlife Preserve, about 60 miles away or so.

Even though it was cloudy when I left the house, the weathermen were all saying that the clouds would blow away and it would be a bright sunny day.   Turns out they were right for once and the day actually brightened up considerably.

I arrived to the Preserve without really any expectations at all and was pleasantly surprised to find out there would be plenty of dirt roads to explore on the moto.

First thing I did after checking in at the new visitor center was head down a little spit of a road that usually is surrounded by water as far as I could tell.  You can see just how bad the drought is in this shot – the water is all the way in the back of the frame where normally it would be within feet of where this shot was taken.

dried up

After leaving this spot, I circled around and headed for a lunch spot that on the map looked pretty appealing.  Arriving there as well, effects of the drought were quite obvious.


This desolate beach is usually quite a bit under water!

And I couldn’t decide which view of the old chair I liked more – zoomed in or wide???

in tight


~ by Derrick Birdsall on October 20, 2011.

4 Responses to “Hagerman Wildlife Preserve”

  1. Man, that is some wide open country. Looks like you can see forever and then some.

    For what it’s worth I like the wide view of your chair better. It gives just a little more sense of that open space.

    • Thanks PJ. It’s a big eye opener for me as to just how bad the drought has been that all of that wide open space should have been water. Hopefully the fall rains that have started to come in are going to help.

  2. Hi Derrick. I’ve been visiting family in Texas and have been shocked at how brown it is. Flying in, everything was brown. I took the train to East Texas and it was very brown. The second night I was here they did have a rain. I hope for more.


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