In and out

I was out cruising one of my favorite rides into the LBJ National Grasslands and stopped at this old house once again.  It has provided me several different photo shoots and each one is rather different in its own right, even though it’s the same place each time.

The straight, man-made lines of the roof and its colors contrasted so much with the blue, organic sky and clouds that I had to capture the moment.

Red white and blue

Walking around inside the house, being careful not to fall through the creaky, rotted flooring my eye caught this scene.


While today, this house is not fit for human habitation, looking at the different wall coverings here is a poignant reminder that once upon a time in the not too distant past, this was someone’s dream house.  I count at least 5 different wall coverings here – how many do you see?


~ by Derrick Birdsall on November 14, 2011.

4 Responses to “In and out”

  1. That first one, the sky and roof, is a real keeper Derrick. The right edge where the shadow meets the peak is perfectly placed to my notion. Great, great photo — one of your very best so far.

    Looks like 5 to me too…

    • Thank you very much, PJ! This is one of those shots where I was off looking at something else and this shot caught my eye, stopping me right in my tracks.

  2. Both are very cool
    (I particularly like your lines /composition / use of positive/negative space in the first image, Mr. B. – awesome)!

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