Paint Rock II

Here’s another couple of shots from Paint Rock…  again, your memory can go crazy trying to figure out what these things mean!  In the upper left of this photo, you’ll see an image of what some folks think is a turtle, during the equinox, an arrow of light points directly at the center of the turtle.

the turtle

Here you can see what clearly looks to be a Spanish mission.  You can make out a couple of crosses easily.  It’s one of the few pictographs that I’ve seen that you can actually tell what it is – a building of some kind.



~ by Derrick Birdsall on November 18, 2011.

8 Responses to “Paint Rock II”

  1. These are fascinating, Derrick.

  2. I wonder if the mission was added later. It doesn’t seem to fit with the others shown.


    • There’s several hundred years (at least) worth of art here. The Spanish missions were around at the same time these guys were painting so it’s highly possible it was painted by the American Indians. It’s style is vastly different than the anglo graffiti that you can find elsewhere on the walls.

  3. Interesting stuff, Mr. B…
    it really does make you wonder…

  4. This is a very captivating series of images and narratives. I believe I like photographically the lower exposure version at the top. It’s also the best composition in my opinion.

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