I really love seeing a grove of Cottonwood trees in the desert.  For one thing, it means there’s water nearby.  For another, even if all the water is below ground, there’s shade in the summer.  And the golden glow these trees get in the fall is just magical. Topping it all off, the sound of the wind blowing through their leaves is something I’ll never forget; probably one of my more memorable experiences after years of Big Bend trips.


The group of trees featured here can be found very near the cuevas amarillas at Big Bend Ranch State Park.  I just had to stop and grab this shot!


~ by Derrick Birdsall on January 12, 2012.

10 Responses to “Cottonwoods”

  1. Awesome! Those warm tones sure leap out from their cool surroundings/background, don’t they? Very nice, Mr. B!

  2. Good thing you did… very nicely done. Love them cottonwoods…

  3. They’re beautiful. Wonderful shot. Very striking against the darker background.

  4. That is SOME color! The deep blue behind really makes the cottonwoods pop!

  5. Cottonwoods are so beautiful. You do have to watch out for falling limbs from them though. Very lovely shot, Derrick.


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