The Ridge

Arriving in Big Bend Ranch State Park, my pals and I set up shop in the designated campsite of South Leyva.  There’s a small ridge that runs behind the camp and I was able to capture many great shots worthy of sharing either of the ridge itself or from the ridge.


They’ll be some color versions of this fantastic sunset later, but after experimenting with some monochrome settings in camera and in LR3, I really liked this one.  There just seemed to be some sort of balance to my eye between the clouds and the ridge and the color versions were distracting to me in this composition….

Also, as a side note – you may recall that I brought my KLR motorcycle on this trip.  Didn’t have a single fall the entire time we were there – but I did manage to fall down off this ridge shortly after taking this image.  Standing near the cactus on the left side of the frame, the rock I was balancing on came loose and I went tumbling down!  Luckily I was still wearing my riding pants and my hips and knees were protected from all of the rocks I would soon encounter.  😉


~ by Derrick Birdsall on January 16, 2012.

8 Responses to “The Ridge”

  1. Ouch! My, you are a bit accident-prone, huh? 😉 No worries…I completely understand as on more than one occasion, I’ve gotten so caught up in what I was doing that I inevitably trip, fall, bang an elbow, cut a finger, etc.

    I think the colors here work very well and make the image more unique. It isn’t often you see these kinds of tones for a sunset. Well done! 🙂

    Oh, and try to be more careful next time, k? 😉

  2. brilliant photo..

  3. Ouch! Sounds like a bumpy ride (but at least you had a great view along the way)! 😉
    Love the processing here, too, Mr. B…

  4. The way the clouds glow is truly beautiful! Glad you didn’t get hurt.

  5. thanks Jennifer! A little bruised, but not too bad! 🙂

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