Two views

Working my way up the hill from the previous post’s location I fixated on this cactus.  Couldn’t make up my mind if I liked it in b/w or if I liked it in color.  And also couldn’t really decide on which composition I liked better…..  Shot the scene in both b/w and color and then worked it over, thinking when I got home one would stand out to me and that’s the one I’d go with.  And actually, I like ’em both.

one way

or the other...

So, I’ll leave it up to you, dear readers!  Which one do you like???  And why?


~ by Derrick Birdsall on January 17, 2012.

19 Responses to “Two views”

  1. Both are neat in different ways..I see why you couldn’t decide. I am going with the color, I like the blue sky and clouds at the top blending into a golden sun just saying good bye, with the black silhouette of the cactus in the foreground.

  2. Gotta be the colour one for me!!
    Sunsets are generally by their very nature beautiful and colorful.
    Why turn it into monochrome.
    Altho of course I believe all photographic rules can and should be broken from time to time under the right circumstances.
    And if the black and white one works for you – terrific.
    With strong contrasts B&W can be very effected.
    All very subjective of course!!

  3. So Derrick, I like the second!

  4. Much as I love B/W, I gotta go with the color version here. A much stronger silhouette, and the sun rays make it pop right off the screen.

  5. Second shot, hands down. First one has, um, a phallic quailty about it that I just can’t look past! 🙂

  6. I really like both, Mr. B… (big surprise, right?)!
    The colors in the second really demand your attention (in a wonderful way). To me it almost seems to be more about that color and the distant sun, where the B/W (which I’m always a sucker for) seems more about the landscape as a whole (to me). I find the silhouette in the B/W to be equally strong… if not even more-so than the color (probably just me, though). Anyway, the atmosphere you’ve created in both pieces is absolutely stunning, sir!

  7. The second one with the golden sunset and dramatic blue sky! I think a sunset looks better in color.

  8. The second one, A sky like that deserves to be seen in its full glory!

  9. i love the one in color. beautiful gradient.

  10. Ok, came across your blog after just starting up my own & taking on my first Photo Challenge: Simple.

    Been following other images on the “Simple” challenge, must say yours is the only I’ve been impressed with & wanted to comment/follow.

    To your question… The color sunset gets my nod. I love black & white images, but the one here is a little blowout in the highlights.

    Thanks for posting both images.

  11. I had no idea there even was an outdoor blogger network – fascinating!

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