It’s a new day

My last several posts have all come from one fantastic day of travel and adventure in Big Bend country.

Day two starts with an overcast sky, and hints of things to come.


Why in the world I can wake up well before sunrise in the field and can barely drag my sorry arse out of bed on most days is beyond me. 😉


~ by Derrick Birdsall on January 24, 2012.

18 Responses to “It’s a new day”

  1. what a fantastic photo…


  2. Amazing photo – the contrasts in the sky are amazing!


  3. LOVE that sky! Great tonal quality here and wonderfully composed.


  4. I think we sent you that sky, Derrick. 🙂 Very beautiful and I can almost hear the desert…



  5. Love those clouds!


  6. I love the tonal quality of the picture. The separation in the clouds balances out the brown color. A very lovely picture and I can imagine a fantastic sunrise.


  7. Whoa!
    What a view!
    Love the sepia, too… those are some killer tones, Mr. B!


  8. lol! I’m the same way.

    Another gorgeous shot. 🙂


  9. Usually, I like sunsets … this is a beautiful sunrise …


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