The shaman

The last time my amigos and I were at Big Bend Ranch State Park we tried, unsuccessfully, to find the pictograph of the shaman.  We had been told about it by the park’s superintendent but couldn’t find its location.

This time, we were going to find it.  After receiving some more specific directions (and finding out that we were looking in the wrong spot last time!), we hit the jackpot.

The man

It doesn’t take much visualization to see a person, with horns on his head, raising his hands above his head.

It’s the largest pictograph I have seen to date – probably 4-5 feet tall from the tips of his horns to the tips of his toes.  Pretty powerful place to be sure!


~ by Derrick Birdsall on January 26, 2012.

7 Responses to “The shaman”

  1. So interesting (and so much fun) to think about all the history in that place…
    and captured wonderfully, too, sir!

  2. Cool…


  3. This post reminded me of when I use to go ghost hunting on historical grounds (Gettysburg) with my friends many moons ago : ) never thought to look for a shaman. hmm

    • The area where the shaman can be found is a pretty cool place, very powerful stuff…. I’ve been there a lot after dark and so far no ghostly encounters!!

      Gettysburg also is a very powerful place. You should be able to search my blog for images from there a couple years ago. I was very moved. You ever catch anything??

      • What a small world. I agree Gettysburg is a powerful place. For fun my friends and I went during a ghost hunters convention, but it was really a means to learning about historical accounts that had happened during the war. It was a humbling experience.

        I didn’t end up “catching” anything on film but during one of the last houses we visited I kept “sensing” a lot of children around me (felt a little creepy). Turns out the owner told me that during the war the house had been an orphanage for children. Word had it the owner/lady who ran it was not very kind to the children. She used to lock and chain them in the basement! For once I was glad I did not get a picture!!

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