Nature’s window

Sometime, mother nature provides you with a nice window to look through….

nature's arch


~ by Derrick Birdsall on January 30, 2012.

15 Responses to “Nature’s window”

  1. Stunning – the blue really sets it off…

    • thank you! Just good timing on my part, the sun was on the other side of the mountain in the background, but still hitting the cottonwoods with plenty of light. All combined, I just got lucky with the light!

  2. Those colors are amazing!

  3. Beautifully framed, Mr. B!
    And those colors… stunning!

  4. Gotta agree with the others. Great color, great arrangement. Fine piece of work Derrick.

    • Thanks PJ – just fortuitous timing, really. My main reason for being at this spot was the shaman, and some things that will come later…. Just looked up and this image hit me smack between the eyes.

  5. Tree illumination!! Nice one.

  6. The blue and the yellow are incredible. Was the background actually this colour or is it the daylight setting on white balance?

    • WB was set on auto. What you’re seeing is the setting sun hitting the cottonwoods while the mountain face behind it is in shade. Pretty cool, eh?

  7. Awesome photo! Now following this blog.

  8. Beautifully framed Derrick.

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