171 miles

The next day, our Big Bend adventure continued.  My motorcycle buddy and I were going to have a very long day in the saddle – 171 miles by the end of it of dirt, rocks, gravel, more dirt, gravel and asphalt and everything in between.  It was a helluva day.  And here’s how it started.


This is one of those occasions where I was seeing and thinking in monochrome…..

~ by Derrick Birdsall on February 9, 2012.

8 Responses to “171 miles”

  1. Wow…that’s alotta miles for one butt to take! Could you even walk afterwards?? 😉


  2. Amazing post ,Great entry 🙂


  3. Fabulous!


  4. I love that jag of light, Mr. B…
    almost looks like that incredible sky is about to tear right open…


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