A little bit more….

After that last image, I just couldn’t finish up, put the helmet on and ride away.  I trudged up the ridge and found a scene I wanted to capture, using that awesome cloudy sky as a backdrop.

stony and not

The light on the grass in the foreground, the man-made stone wall and the rippled sky captured my imagination here!


~ by Derrick Birdsall on February 16, 2012.

16 Responses to “A little bit more….”

  1. beautiful sky with the foreground framing

  2. Wow! Really beautiful. I turned it upside down (tablet)…and it looks like a beach!

  3. Yes!… That great sky and the foreground contrast powerfully with the wall… they really give it a foreboding look. Well done.

  4. Thank you, my friend!

  5. I just looked at this post and your previous one – amazing!

  6. Amazing. Great shot!

  7. Oh wow, great shot! I love the rippling of the clouds. 😉
    Thanks for stopping for a visit and the Like.

  8. You never take a bad shot, do you, Mr. B…
    wow! Love these!

  9. Great interpretation of “down.” Thanks for dropping by.

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