Looking down

While getting lost in the fantastic sky above, I stepped on what I thought was an empty can of coke.  Upon looking down, I discovered it wasn’t a can of coke, but rather, a dead and dried up cactus.  Yeah, it’s been *that* dry in Big Bend country.  I became somewhat fascinated with the balance of the cactus and took several images of it, and the still very much alive fellow right next door.




Well, I guess I’ve put off going on that bike ride long enough… time to get busy. 😉


~ by Derrick Birdsall on February 20, 2012.

17 Responses to “Looking down”

  1. Great pictures, like the tones etc, adds character..;)


  2. Beautiful! The first image reminds me of a dandelion seed head. Can you think of a better image title than ‘dead’ for the second image?? 😉


    • Tracy, now that you mention that, you are right! This cactus, however, was pretty big! Without any scale, what you say makes alot of sense.

      Dead was the best I could do late last night when I wrote that!


  3. Might be dead but it is certainly dramatic!


  4. love your idea for down. nice photos!


  5. These are fascinating, Derrick. They really draw the eye into all areas, include the space between.


  6. Most movement I’ve seen in a dead object…Great optical effects.


  7. nice image


  8. Really like the tonality in both pictures but I have to say my favorite is dead. Great eye!


  9. I’m always down with shots like this, Mr. B…
    (f/64-ish… nice!)


  10. greetings by


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