Parting shot

On my way back down the ridge, I glanced over my shoulder and took one more shot – more or less over my shoulder. 😉

over the shoulder


~ by Derrick Birdsall on February 22, 2012.

21 Responses to “Parting shot”

  1. Wonderful sight , love your posts …..Keep it going please


  2. Sweet!! The clouds in this one are amazing. Nice catch for over your shoulder!


  3. Those clouds are amazing! I love the contrast.


  4. This is a spectacular series, Derrick. I like the strong sepia treatment you have given these – perfect for these skies.



  5. I knew it.
    So much talent, you could shoot from the hip.


  6. I’m so glad you looked back. Gorgeous!


  7. The clouds have a nice texture.


  8. I like it.


  9. Hi Derrick, I’ve been meaning to ask you (if you don’t mind) what lens you use to get your great outdoor shots? Also would you consider adding the Pinterest button to your posts. I really think your pictures are awesome and would love to repost them to my Pinterest board (WordPress must have just added this feature bc. it wasn’t there before) Anyhow thought of your pictures when I saw the Pinterest button.
    Those are my questions for a random snowy Thursday : )


    • Mostly I use my Canon 17-40L series lens. It’s on my camera probably 90% of the time! Trying to figure out how to add the Pineterest button!


      • Thanks for the info. on your preferred lens. I’m on the other end of the spectrum. I’m a Nikon gal : )
        On adding Pinterest (if you’d like) or any other sharing button. When you log into your blog and your looking at the left hand column where it lists Dashboard, Home, Comments I’ve made, etc. if you go all the way to the bottom hold the mouse over Settings, then a list will pop up like Writing, discussion, etc. click on Sharing. You will then see a whole bunch of icons like facebook, twitter, Pinterest, etc. From there you basically follow the directions of dragging preferred icon to Enabled Services and then when you’re done you just hit the Save changes button. Hope this helps and hope you’re feeling better. Great to see you’re posting again!


      • sure thing!


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