A little tip….

Here’s something I’ve been thinking about sharing for awhile…

If you happen to use Canon DSLR’s, make sure that you adjust your menu options to the point that you don’t leave “Format” as the highlighted option, like this:

oops in the making

If you’re like me, and you do a lot of moving around with your camera slung over your shoulder, it’s likely you’re going to hit the menu button on the back of your camera on occasion.

If you’ve recently formatted a disc and didn’t do anything else… guess which option is still highlighted and waiting for a simple inadvertent press of the “set” button??

So, word to the wise – after you format a disc, highlight something that’s not going to be catastrophic if you hit the “set” button on accident!!

Happy Friday, my Friends!

~ by Derrick Birdsall on February 23, 2012.

6 Responses to “A little tip….”

  1. Wow, I hope that didn’t happen to you. I’m a Nikon man so far…

  2. That’s a great tip, Mr. B…
    sounds like something I would find out the hard way!

  3. Excellent advice! 🙂

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