the shack

Anyone who’s been following my blog knows I’m a sucker for old worn down buildings…

the shack


~ by Derrick Birdsall on March 12, 2012.

13 Responses to “the shack”

  1. absolutely stunning 🙂 great photo

  2. love this! very surreal and beautiful. Aren’t old buildings and houses the best? I love the tint of blue-green in the sky. Wonderful photograph.

  3. Oh yea! You added the Pinterest button. nice. I’m going to pin this one up : )

  4. Worn down will never wear out…
    especially though your lens, Mr. B!

  5. Yes, I like old worn out buildings also. They have a totally different character and personality.

  6. Interesting photograph. Because of the small size I can’t tell if it is monochrome or color. I guess the sky is blue and the rest of it does have some color, but very little. Is that right? This adds to the interest in my opinion.

    • thank you David!

      I was messing around with the little Olypmus’ “pinhole” camera function, which ads a bit of an aged effect in camera. I further aged it a bit in LR, ending up with what you see today…. a little bit of color, but not much!

  7. Wonderful image Derrick.

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