Free tip Friday!

Perhaps you’ve noticed in the previous tips I’ve given out that they are pretty well basic, simple stuff…. well, friends, I’ve got news for ya.  An expert is just someone who does the basics better than anyone else….  We make things so incredibly (and unnecessarily) complicated!

So, this week’s tip is very, very basic.  If you want to improve your photography – take your camera everywhere you go.  No camera = no images.  Carry that sucker with you all the time and take a bunch of images.  Photography (for me, anyway) is largely about trial and error.   To improve, it’s just like anything else.  You’ve got to learn what your camera does, and how your camera/lens combination works in a wide variety of conditions.

And the only way you do that is take your camera with you everywhere you go.  If you don’t want to lug around  a big DSLR, carry around that little point and shoot you’ve left on the shelves somewhere and learn to make it do what you want…. the challenge of that can be quite fun and it’s always educational.

So – you wanna get better – you’ve got to take a lot of images.  And you can only do that if you have your camera next to you. 😉


~ by Derrick Birdsall on March 30, 2012.

12 Responses to “Free tip Friday!”

  1. I could fill a book with the bemoanings of not having a camera with me. You are so right!

  2. True, true and true……!!!

  3. Being the contrary type, I tend to be in the other camp. I seldom carry a camera anymore unless I’m specifically going out to photograph. I can live with the misses — they’re going to happen anyway and I don’t think I ever stumbled onto a worthwhile photo in my life.

    I’m content to see the world around me without a camera pressed to my eye most of the time. When I get an itch to do some new work I’ll take a camera out with that in mind. Otherwise it stays home. Just speaking for myself of course… it’s a personal choice.

  4. I rarely carry a camera (like pj). I have found that when I do, I tend to worry about it. For (1), my DSLR and lenses aren’t cheap and (2), my gear is heavy (I’m a ‘light traveler’…don’t even carry a purse!)

    So, I only take it with mw when I know I’ll be shooting. Does this mean I’ve never regretted NOT having it? No, unfortunately, I have come across great photo ops sans camera. BUT, like pj, I then simply sit back and enjoy the sight, whatever it is, content to take it all in rather than “capture” it.

    I guess, I’ve also never wanted to be defined as ‘the photographer’. When you carry a camera, folks look at you differently. Anyways, that has been my experience anyways. 🙂

    • Anyways…. LOL. Interesting to note that a couple of pro photographers only carry their camera when shooting, or when they have an intent to shoot. Do you think that’s a result of looking at the camera as a “job” and it’s not necessarily fun for you to take pics??

      • Oh, most definitely. When shooting became a “job” for me and I experienced all the not-so-fun aspects of it, the passion waned. I am in the process of trying to get that back. Our poor economy doesn’t do much to feed those in the arts and with the onset of digital, every Tom, Dick and Jane think themselves a photographer. I put alot of myself into my work and have always tried to make everything be the highest quality (my camera equipment, computers and software, color calibaration, high-end printers, paper, inks, mats, etc.) but the general public can’t tell the difference so it really becomes a why bother. I really thought I was going to “make it” with my Playground Series… 😦

  5. Great tip. I carry my camera almost everywhere, but it’s a point & shoot so it’s not like I have a lot of equipment to lug around. It’s not a small, lightweight P&S either, but my body is used to carrying it so I hardly notice it. Now what I need are some good tips on what to do with all those images I’ve collected.

    The comments you’ve received on this one are interesting. I wonder, like you, if the pros now look at it as a job rather than as fun. I recently came to the conclusion that I’ll never be a pro because I’m having too much fun to tackle the business end of things.

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