Painting Ft. Griffin

Another opportunity came for me to take a workshop with official Texas State Photographer Wyman Meinzer – and I jumped on it!  Wyman is a lot of fun and a helluva nice guy.  In addition, I got to hang out with some old friends and in general had a fantastic time!

Here’s the first pic I’ll share:


Admin building


~ by Derrick Birdsall on April 23, 2012.

8 Responses to “Painting Ft. Griffin”

  1. The administration probably was a bit confused by all those lights, though! 😉
    So cool, Mr. B!

  2. Very nice! Isn’t it refreshing to take workshops for our crafts. They are always so much fun.

  3. Fantastic, Derrick. 🙂

  4. Very nice composition. How lond was your exposure to get that sky without washing out the ruins? I’m guessing withing 1’25”.

    • thank you – I want to say somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 or 80 seconds if I remember correctly. We were not too worried about washing out the ruins – the light was only on a small portion of that time. 😉

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