Some experimentation!

In all my years of competitive shooting, if I learned one thing it’s that you have to constantly evaluate what you’re doing and experiment with a better way to get it done.  To do otherwise is to lead to stagnation and decline in performance.

Applying that principle to photography, I thought it would be fun to work on my light painting technique and experiment with capturing some star trails.

I’d say it was worth the effort to get out to Fort Griffin back in February and experiment!

Sutler's store and Lifesaver sky

After working around the sutler’s store for a while and discovering that the light I thought would work out … didn’t – I headed over to the administration building and worked on my first star trail image.

trails of light

All in all a productive session!


~ by Derrick Birdsall on May 2, 2012.

10 Responses to “Some experimentation!”

  1. Nice! I love pictures with the ever elusive stars.

  2. Awesome combo, Mr. B…

  3. Competitive shooting…so is that when you duel against a Nikon user? 😉

    Always goog to experiment! Star trails are fascinating and require more patience than I’ll eve have. Was there one REALLY bright star that night?

    • not much competition there, Tracy! 🙂 LOL, you made that one too easy. 😉 AS to your questions…. really not much patience required, just a nice cigar. Set up the shot, hit the button on the remote, sit back, light up a stogie and in an hour or so, you’re done! All the while enjoying the majesty of the heavens.
      There were a bunch of really really bright stars…. you should see Venus now out in the dark sky. Unreal!

  4. Love that star trail shot, Derrick. I hope to someday have a camera that will allow me to experiment with stuff like that. 🙂

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